Wireless Power Transfer Energized by Photovoltaic System


Wireless power transfer research at University of Indonesia was started in 2009. This research focus in development of design system to transmit electrical power without wires or called Wireless Power Transfer. Until now, the result of this research have been achieved approximately 80% efficiency in transmit power without wire by using magnetic resonance induction method.

For the future, the main target of this research is mass production and friendly environmental . So that, Wireless power transfer will be collaborated with Renewable Energy source ( especially Photovoltaic system ) to be implemented and used by all level of society. And the target of this research in short term, is Implementation of Wireless Power transfer based on PV System for wireless cellphone/ laptor charging purpose at Bus Stop.

To achieve the target, the efficiency of wireless power transfer are being developed and continuously improved by designing the optimum oscillator circuit and antenna as a major component of the wireless power transfer. And this wireless power transfer research also open up the opportunity for industry / institution to collaborate with us in development of wireless power transfer to be implemented more better.

Research Activity in Pictures


Yessica Ratri WigunaYessica Ratri Wiguna
Setyawan Wahyu Pratomo,ST Setyawan Wahyu Pratomo,ST
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