Modeling and Testing PV System Performance


Electricity is one of the most important in life. Electricity from fossil fuels like coal and oil are non-renewable energy because they will run out one day, so we need a renewable energy source, something that won’t run out. Renewable energy will never run out because it comes from the nature such as sun, wind, and ocean waves. Renewable energy also have another advantage, that is environmentally friendly and pollution free. Renewable energy technology still needs to be improved before we could ever call it affordable.

Photovoltaics/ PV is a device to generating electrical power by converting radiation from sun into direct current using semiconductor. The more Photovoltaic plants installed, the need for better simulation of photovoltaic is increasing. PV simulator is designed to replace the real solar panels because it can operate everytime and everywhere without influence by environment condition and that are relatively more expensive price. The simulation model for solar panels is useful to estimate the electrical behavior of the cell with changes on environmental parameter of irradiance and temperature.

The mathematic formula that used to create solar cell modeling is solar cell formula, so the modeling able to calculate power of solar cell module. The modeling was implemented on LabVIEW programming with DAQ 6008 hardware. The modeling is used to verify real solar cell that released in the market on manufacturer’s data sheet.


  1. Testing of Battery Performance

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