Future Grid Concept: Smart Microgrids (on and off grid)


The purpose of this research is to verify performance and power quality of Smart Microgrids which is consisted of photovoltaic panels, wind generator, diesel generator, inverters and batteries. This system is possible to run under two modes operation: on grid / connected to the utility grid/PLN and off grid. During off grid mode, coordination between diesel generator, inverter and dynamic loads (based on customer load 2200 VA) are interesting to be investigated.

Experimental Detail:

  • Islanding (Off Grid/Isolated): the purpose is to verification the system power quality and performance in off grid/isolated mode. For this operation mode the system connected to diesel generator for backup system, with dynamic load scenario.
  • Grid connected (On Grid): the purpose is to verification the system power quality and performance in on grid operation mode and during transition mode. In this experiment we also study the transient and synchronization time, with load scenario based on load duration curve of 2200 VA customer.

In those two mode operation we will evaluate the effectiveness and performance of bidirectional inverter and all renewable energy power plant that connected to this smart microgrids system. The power quality target are: voltage variation -10% to +5%; frequency variation 0.5 – 1 Hz (rata-rata) and total harmonic distortion 3 – 5 % (total).

Research Plan:

  • In 2012 :  Designing Smart Microgrids Laboratorium Scale;
  • In 2013 :  Performance Test: analyzing and evaluating of Smart Microgrids Laboratorium Scale;
  • In 2014 :  Optimization (Energy Management and Energy Distribution) of Smart Microgrids Laboratorium Scale;
  • In 2015 :  Optimization (Storage & Load Management) of Smart Microgrids Laboratorium;
  • In 2016 – 2017 :  Smart Microgrids Security
  • In 2018 – 2025 :  Application the Pilot Plant of Smart Microgrids System in field.

Visiting Researcher

Rina IrawatiRina Irawati, ST. from BALITBANG ESDM
AndriyantoAndriyanto, ST. from BALITBANG ESDM
ZuhaidiZuhaidi, ST. from BALITBANG ESDM
Tweeda Augusta FitartoTweeda Augusta, ST. from BALITBANG ESDM