Developing Online Monitoring of Energy System (web based) -Smart House for Smart Grid-


In this era of fast growing technology, high energy consuming civilization and limited energy sources, we need to manage and use the energy available wisely through the most efficient way possible. And it is our task to take the challenge and unlock the most efficient way and made it possible. This project is part of our effort.

This project enhances the use of automation and online system for monitoring electrical power in smart house. What we define here as “smart house” is not only household system but also all units that consume and produce electricity such as factory, office, or any other buildings. To know precisely how much power we consume and produce is incredibly important to get our strategy and management decision right. With this project we also allow every “smart house” with solar photovoltaic system to integrate with national grid system/PLN. This smart house acts as “active network” and has possibility to determine when to buy/sell power.

To face the challenge and take automation and online system for monitoring electrical power in smart house to the next level, what we need is collaboration. Collaboration with industry, government and other university will bring this technology solve the real problem in our society. That is why we are open with our warmest welcome for all related collaboration invitation from all related party to bring this technology forward.

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Ryan Adilardi PrakosoRyan Adilardi Prakoso