Renewable Energy Integration Laboratory

REIN Lab integrates renewable energy technology into energy system through dedicated research and practices; create innovation to improve energy efficiency and performance. We interest to integrate multiple renewable energy technology such as photovoltaic solar panel, small wind turbine, battery banks, inverter and utility grid in order to improve reliability and stability of power supply. Our focuses research are divided into five topics activities and dealing with the issue of smart grid system:

  1. Designing and Optimizing of Hybrid System
  2. Future Grid Concept: Smart Microgrids (on and off grid)
  3. Developing Online Monitoring of Energy System (web based) -Smart House for Smart Grid-
  4. Wireless Power Transfer Energized by Photovoltaic System
  5. Modeling and Testing PV System Performance

REIN Lab is ready to collaborate with government institution, private company and other university to improve the quality of research and solve problems in Indonesia’s energy needs.